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Tyler Craft

An App!


Well, I finally did it! I have an app in the App Store. Last week an app for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis was approved by Apple. You can download it for free here.

This was a fun project that I was able to see from start to completion. I had a chance to try out a number of javascript libraries that I’ve been wanting to try. Some didn’t work out, but others did. I decided on Backbone and it was an absolute delight to program with. It kept things organized and automated just the right amount. Too often, I feel that frameworks try to do too much. Backbone was just right. Quick, effective and never in your way. For animation I used Zepto, which was great as well. Its touch events seemed much more responsive than others I have tried.

I also used iScroll to achieve the fixed navigation. I had hoped to get the app submitted before Apple released iOS5, which fixes the CSS fixed positioning bug. Depending on how many iOS4 users we have will dictate when I can remove that from the app.


Download the app for free here.

Posted on November 13, 2011 in Web Development

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