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Tyler Craft

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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis


Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis was going through a rebranding process and needed a new website to reflect this. We were crunched on time as the launch conicided with an upcoming exhibition. We had a month to build the front and backend of the site. Our goal was to build a site that was clean and user friendly while reusing as much content as possible. The client had a week to enter content, therefore, the process had to be as easy and automated as possible.


I developed the backend using our in-house CMS, Eero. The site is built for the client to enter the bare minimum of content. The Home Page, Exhibitions Landing Page, Special Events Landing Page and Calendar are fully automated. When the client creates exhibitions and events, they only need to set the start and end dates. From there the pages update automatically. Therefore, most landing pages have multiple states. For instance, the exhibition landing page may not have a current exhibition, or it could have up to three current exhibitions in conjunction with multiple upcoming exhibitions. Each instance displays different variations of the same content in different ways. Images were also kept to the same aspect ratio. Therefore the client only needed to upload one image and it could be used across the site in multiple places.

The client also needed the ability to set global open/close times for the museum. I developed a system for them to set open and close times for each day of the week, along with an option to highlight a particular day of the week as an ‘Open Late’ night. They also have the ability to create one off ‘overrides’ in the case of holidays, emergencies or special events.

Additional Credit

Jay David, Creative Director
Kathy Sprehe, HTML/CSS/javaScript
Melissa Allen, Project Manager


Communication Arts selected this website as a “Webpick of the week” in March, 2011.
2012 Webby Honoree

Team Project at TOKY
Completed January 2011

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