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The Art of the Photogravure
The Art of the Photogravure
The Flash Plugin Zoomify was used to take a closer look at certain photographs.Close
The Art of the Photogravure
Collection is managed by the client with Extensis Portfolio. The client then exports the collection out of Extensis and into our custom built CMS.Close
The Art of the Photogravure

The Art of the Photogravure


Mark Katzman has one of the worlds largest private collections of photogravures. He needed a site that would be simple and elegant, while showing off the history of photogravure while showing his collection.


I joined TOKY while this project was already underway. The HTML/CSS for the site was developed by Matt Erker. I developed the collection database and search engine. This required building a CMS that allowed the client to use their Extensis Portfolio desktop software to manage the collection. I also developed the examples flash section, while the Home Page Flash was developed by Tim Kviz.

Additional Credit

Jay David, Designer
Kirsten O’Loughlin, Designer
Matt Erker, HTML
Tim Kviz, Flash


Communication Arts selected this website as a “Webpick of the week” in February, 2008.
Coudal has it listed in their “Museum of Online Museums”.
TED selected it as one of the “100 sites you should know and use.”
It is also recognized by the Library of Congress and Harvard’s College Library.

This site was also featured in a write up in the 2008 Communication Arts Photo annual.

Team Project at TOKY
Completed June 2006

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